5 Tips For Directing Actors and Other On-Camera Talent

Between the comfy chairs and the Oscars acceptance speeches, directing seems like the coolest gig around. But in reality, directing actors for film and video is hard work. Working with actors takes discipline, strong leadership, flexibility, and a positive attitude.

Our video experts Blake Smith and Mathew King have years of experience directing on-screen talent here at Vidyard, and although they still have lots to learn, they’ve offered up some in-depth advice on the Video Island Podcast.

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If you’re about to make your directorial debut, read on for five useful tips for directing actors, and non-actors too!

1. Be Prepared

Just like Scouts or Girl Guides, “be prepared” is the number one rule to planning a video shoot. Besides making sure you’ve covered all the pre-production basics, it’s important that you know your material.

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