Analysis: New Amazon Echo wearables are more bad news for advertising

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled smart ring Echo Loop, (via Amazon)

Earlier this week Amazon introduced new Echo and Alexa-powered devices at its Devices & Services Event in Seattle. They include a new Echo and Echo Dot, a new smart display a high-end Echo speaker, Alex-powered ear buds, a smart ring, smart glasses and several others.

Most interesting to me are the Alexa wearables and what they suggest for the future of advertising and marketing on smart, connected devices without screens.

New screenless devices. Amazon’s AirPods competitor, Echo Buds, are wireless earbuds with Alexa built in ($129.99). Echo Frames are smart glasses with Alexa ($179.99). The Echo Loop is an Alexa-powered smart ring ($129.99). Frames do not have any visual display (unlike Google Glass); instead it’s a purely auditory experience. They can also take prescription lenses and look (mostly) like normal frames.

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