Best Practices for Using Video in Sales Emails

Embedding personal videos in emails can be daunting to anyone trying it out for the first time. For most, it’s a challenge to get in front of the camera in the first place.

I remember when I first started at Vidyard, I was so self-conscious about filming my outreach videos when other people were around. Now, I’ll pretty much film anywhere at work (as long as there’s good lighting, of course). Not sure how to get comfortable? I wrote a post with some of my top video selling tips for new sales reps.

Since the video is not meant to stand alone, it’s important to consider the surrounding text and how you can use it to set your video message up for success. Your video is the main course, the text before it is the appetizer (which whets the audience’s appetite for the video), and the ask at the end is the dessert.

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