Build a mini Anechoic Chamber to Record Crystal Clear Audio at Home

by Michael

Audio is 50% of the video. If you get the audio part right, your video will succeed even if you do not make a perfect video. However if your video is awesome but if your audio is not clear, people will not benefit from your video. In a video, the priority is always in the order of quality of content, audio quality and then the visuals.

In professional recording studios they have anechoic chambers. It is a sound proof chamber which will prevent noise from outside and will also prevent reflection of noise inside the chamber. Such chambers eliminate 99.9% if external noise and usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to build.

However I will show you a way with which you can build your own anechoic chamber at home for a fraction of the cost. This will not eliminate 99.9% of the noise but will be effective in eliminating at least 90% of the outside noise.

All you need to do is buy an acoustic foam from and stick the foam on 5 sides of a cardboard box. You have to stick the foam on the inside of the box. Place the microphone inside it and start recording. Instead of having sound and echo proofing in 6 sides (4 sides + top and bottom) you will have only 5 sides. You will record from the open side of the box.

For creating professional audio, the above setup is more than enough.

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Joe Unkovic June 17, 2012 at 6:37 am

Great insight on how to do this….

Your video blog is great and a very special niche. Keep at it – I have not seen you post for a while.


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