Filming an Interview: How to Make Good Interview Videos

January 15, 2020·7 min read

Interview videos are a powerful way to show off expertise and engage your audience. Plus, they’re easy to produce.

Recording an interview video may seem straightforward—we’re talking about a person in front of a camera right? But there’s actually a lot to consider if you want to avoid a boring look and feel. Paying attention to the content, set up, and recording process can take your interviews from boring to dynamic.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is an Interview Video?
  3. 2.Benefits of Interview Videos
  4. 3.Where to Use Interview Videos
  5. 3.1Website
  6. 3.2Email
  7. 3.3Podcasts
  8. 3.4Social Media
  9. 4.

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