Get Inspired For Your Next Whiteboard Animation Video

There’s no single formula for the best whiteboard animation. The style, which usually combines a blank white backdrop and a loose, hand-sketched approach, is different than traditional 2D animation because the viewer sees objects being outlined and shaded. It gives a video a more personal and immediate touch, and lets you create characters that seem more alive and present.

These videos, all by sellers you can find on Fiverr, are among the best out there. They help spread the word about topics both serious and light, and each can teach both animators and entrepreneurs new techniques to get the most out of their next whiteboard animation.

Throwing a little colorful shade

Want to make your whiteboard animation tutorial stand out? Add a second marker color for shading, and vary the width of your markers and lines. That’s what sent this explainer from Fiverr Pro seller toongoose to the top of our charts.

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