Here’s how retailers can create powerful human connections for shoppers amid the fanfare of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon certainly gets a ton of mindshare these days as the end-all, be-all retail solution for shoppers. Granted, it dominates the utilitarian e-commerce game and it’s only getting better at it. Amazon Prime Day is the largest single shopping day globally with sales coming from 17 countries and sales hitting $4.19 billion. But what if I told you that Amazon only represents 5% of all retail sales, according to a recent article published by TechCrunch. Despite the perpetual false swirl of rumors clamoring about the demise of brick-and-mortar retail, physical stores today can complement Amazon’s offering rather than compete against it.

Case in point: Amazon’s second brick-and-mortar concept, Amazon 4-Star, debuted in 2018, featuring the most popular, highest rated and trending products based on each store’s geographic location.

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