Here’s how to use the new Microsoft Ads Audience Network Planner

In March, I wrote a post about setting up a Microsoft Audience Ads campaign. I want to take this post a step further. You may already know who your target audience is if you are currently running Audience Ads campaigns. But if you’re looking to expand your reach, and you want more information and data about who the audience is, the Audience Network Planner can be very beneficial. Think of this tool as Microsoft’s version of the Display Planner. The difference is that the Audience Network Planner is actually around and useful. This post will show you how you can research your targeting audience on the Microsoft Audience Network to use in your campaigns. 

At the time of this post, advertisers still need to have their Microsoft Ads rep get their accounts access to the Audience Network. Assuming you already have that step taken care of, you can click on Tools in the top navigation of Microsoft Ads.

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