How To Do Video Marketing The Right Way

SEO expert Neil Patel shares with us his expertise on how to do video marketing the right way.

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Getting into video marketing is a right decision because it’s where more users are heading nowadays. Hubspot published stats on the state of video marketing, and there are some significant data.

There are 500 million people who watch Facebook videos every day. Snapchat has 10 billion users watching videos daily. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.

This is a huge market that you should be targeting. Adding a video component to your content marketing campaign is a sure way to maximize your traffic potential.

If you make the right video, there is a chance that it can go viral.

For newbies in the video marketing arena, you are bound to make a few mistakes here and there. These tips should help in avoiding these mistakes.

Design A Plan
This is standard advice in every guide which is pretty good when you think about it.

Planning should be the start of your video marketing campaign. You should write down specific goals and targets that you want to achieve.

If you achieve your goals, you must know what steps helped in making the plan work and if your efforts flopped you should also know why.

Three things to consider in making your goals:
Are they specific? General targets like grow traffic or increase subscribers are too vague. There should be numbers or percentages in your goals.
Are they achievable? Having high targets that are impossible to reach should be avoided here, set something that is realistic within the period that you will set.
Are they trackable? Goal setting is a great way to get useful data. Being able to track your progress or failure will help you plan accordingly in the future.

If you made a video and six months have passed without you knowing the future direction of your campaign, then you could be in serious trouble.

To achieve consistent growth, you need to find out what works and duplicate it in future videos or improve on it. You also need to take note of what does not work and make sure that you don’t include the mistakes in future content.

Always remember the above basics on how to increase the effectivity of your video content.

Promote Your Videos
You finished with your excellent video content, and your plans are written down. You can’t just let your video sit on your website and expect people to flock to your site and watch it.

Being proactive in marketing is mandatory.

Start posting your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all other platforms that allow you to post.

This will help those who have limited budgets because these platforms allow free postings aside from their paid ad platforms.

Posting on all your social media accounts give you a broader range to target, there are cases when your audience do not overlap.

Once you discover what platform gives you the best conversions, you can set aside a budget in the future for boosting your presence by availing of the paid options.

Choose The Form Of Content
The marketing community widely accepts 3 types of video content. Choose a type that will fit your business.

Educational Videos
As its name implies, these videos teach users about steps that they can do to solve a problem. Content includes actionable steps that can be applied immediately after they watch your video.

Inspirational Videos
These types of videos provide inspiring moments, breathtaking news and motivational content to light up a fire in people.

Viewers are expected to be inspired and encouraged after watching your content.

Entertaining Videos
These videos get people to laugh and be entertained. Content should intrigue users to know more about your brand or service.


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