How to Put Together an Effective Sales Rollout Plan for Video

June 15, 2020·4 min read

Got your team on board with using video? Now it’s time to implement it. Learn how to put together a comprehensive sales rollout plan for video to drive adoption and ensure success.

Once your sales organization is sold on the idea of using video, it’s up to you to get everyone using—and succeeding with—it.

Create a detailed sales rollout plan, launch it, measure it, and incorporate feedback.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Create Your Sales Rollout Plan for Video
  3. 1.1Identify the Teams That Will Drive Adoption
  4. 1.2Identify One or Two Initial Use Cases for Sales Videos
  5. 1.3Set Organizational Expectations
  6. 1.4Leave Time for Learning and Experimentation
  7. 1.

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