In-House Video Production vs. Outsourcing: What’s Right for My Business?

You know buyers crave videos. You want to be making more videos. But you’re blocked. Should you invest in in-house video <span class="glossaryLink cmtt_Video Production" data-cmtooltip="

The production stage of video involves the filming process. It’s what happens after the creative brief and planning process has finished, and the videography team is finally ready to press record, and before editing.

” aria-describedby=”tt”>production or pay for outside professionals?

It’s an ancient debate, but you’re not alone.

Learn more about where each option shines—in-house video production vs. outsourcing—and when to use them, straight from the Vidyard experts on the Video Island Podcast. Hosts Mathew King and Blake Smith tackle the topic, using their combined 20 years of video production experience to provide you with practical advice.

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