Make Your Videos More Professional Using Logo Reveal Clips

by Michael

YouTube videos are being uploaded by anyone who has a smart phone with video recording facility. It is important that your videos look professional when on YouTube because the market place is so crowded with useless videos that user’s BS detectors go ‘DING DING’ even at the slightest hint of¬†unprofessionalism.

Some people advice to use a professional animated logo reveal animation in front of the video. But there is a problem with that. But if you do not know what a logo reveal is, then watch this video first.

The thing here to note is that, there are two conflicting ideas. One is that you need a professional looking video which has a video intro clip. But the user’s attention span in YouTube and web videos in general is too low that the first 5-10 seconds are very crucial to ‘lock in’ them to watch your videos.

That’s why I recommend the following strategy.

Video Strategy for Best Engagement:

  • 5-10 Seconds: Tell the user what the video is about. Example; “In this video I am going to show you how to land your home made rover on the surface of mars easily…”
  • 5-7 Seconds, Logo reveal animation.
  • Video (Main Content)
  • Closure: Call to Action – Visit your blog, Subscribe, Watch more videos and so on.

Hope you found these ideas useful. Leave a comment.

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