You heard that YouTube is great for traffic and conversions and you finally created a YouTube video. But it probably did not take you to the promised land yet. You are still waiting for your YouTube video to get thousands of views, get that hockey stick graph along with favorites, comments and positive ratings. Don’t lose hope on YouTube video marketing yet. YouTube is a great source of traffic but it takes some time to nail the right strategy. Sometimes your videos are set to fail before you even start making the video. This post may help you succeed with YouTube. It all depends on how high your YouTube video ranks on Google and YouTube.

1. Give People What They Need (Relevancy)

If you are creating a video about something that people are not proactively looking for, then there are good chances that you video will hardly touch a thousand views. You cannot rely on social sharing alone to get a reach for your video.

You need to create a video on a topic where people are already looking for. Google Keyword tool is the best way to find out what people are searching for. This is more about finding out what people need and creating content that caters that need than a mere ‘seo tactic’. In fact the SEO that Google intends is relevancy. [click to continue…]


video marketing tipsIn general, all businesses have 20% if the actions that bring 80% of the results. But sometimes the 80% are so important that the 20% cannot exist without the 80%. For example, the most productive task that you could do in video marketing for your business is creating engaging content. But once you create it, there are other tasks which will help your video reach more people.

For such tasks you can have a virtual assistant or an employee who can handle the task for you. Some of the tasks you can out source are:

  1. Editing the video. (Like Removing scenes)
  2. Adding a video intro to your video.
  3. Exporting the video to web friendly format.
  4. Uploading the video on YouTube.
  5. Doing some keyword research and adding appropriate tags.
  6. Including the link in the description.
  7. Transcribing the video and adding closed captions in YouTube for SEO.
  8. Adding Annotations in YouTube wherever appropriate.
  9. Uploading a catchy thumbnail for the video (Partner Accounts Only)
  10. Sharing the video in 10-20 social bookmarking sites and social media properties.
  11. If the video had a presentation file, uploading it to and and social bookmarking it.
  12. Sending an email to subscriber list of the blog.
  13. Embedding the video on a blog if applicable.
  14. Uploading the same video to other video hosting sites such as vimeo, and so on.

All the above tasks are very important to reach a wider audience and gain more customers. But if you are doing all these yourself, it can be extremely boring and sometimes it will prevent you from creating great video content in the first place because you will be forced to all these tasks once the video is created. It is hard to do both the creative part and the analytical processes at the same time. [click to continue…]

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YouTube videos are being uploaded by anyone who has a smart phone with video recording facility. It is important that your videos look professional when on YouTube because the market place is so crowded with useless videos that user’s BS detectors go ‘DING DING’ even at the slightest hint of unprofessionalism.

Some people advice to use a professional animated logo reveal animation in front of the video. But there is a problem with that. But if you do not know what a logo reveal is, then watch this video first.

The thing here to note is that, there are two conflicting ideas. One is that you need a professional looking video which has a video intro clip. But the user’s attention span in YouTube and web videos in general is too low that the first 5-10 seconds are very crucial to ‘lock in’ them to watch your videos. [click to continue…]


A few years back article marketing was very famous. I learned about article marketing from the famous Travis Sago who coined the term bum-marketing.

It basically means sitting at home like a bum, writing articles and submitting them to ezine articles and linking to affiliate products in clickbank.

But the method has been over used and also in the recent panda and penguin update ezine articles and other article marketing sites have lost their rankings.

People who had authority blogs in certain niches were the only ones who were not affected by the algorithm update provided they did not build any bad back links to their blog.

Now there is still a huge opportunity in such marketing but now its going to be different. What if you can treat YouTube like ezine articles?

Post videos and link to your blog, squeeze page or affiliate product (through domain redirect) in your video’s description section of YouTube.

But you may ask: “Deepak, but creating videos is not as easy as writing an article!”

Here’s where I want to talk about Infomovies. An Infomovie is a presentation style video with words and pictures. It also has a voice narration going along with it. It is a audio visual representation of an idea or piece of information. [click to continue…]


Recently YouTube has made some changes on how new channels are created and the focus seems to be more on the person than the brand. Since they have integrated Google+ in all their services; when you create a new Google Account, a Google+ Profile is automatically created and the YouTube account’s username is your first name and last name.

Changing the YouTube username and Channel name does not seem to be an obvious step at first but it is possible. What you have to do is unlink your Google+ and YouTube account. Once that is done, then you can have a unique YouTube username (probably keyword rich), a unique image and a unique channel title.

Switching to a YouTube username

If you’ve created a Channel using your Google+ profile and would like to switch from using your Google+ identity to a traditional YouTube username, you can do this from your YouTube account settings.

  1. Click on your name/email in the upper right of the screen to open your account options.
  2. Under the YouTube section on the left, click YouTube settings
  3. In the Account Information area, click the Advanced link, found under your email address
  4. Under Channel Settings, click Rename channel

You’ll then be able to enter a YouTube username. Remember that your YouTube username must be unique; you can’t choose a username that someone’s already created.

Check the box that says “I understand that my channel will be renamed.” and then click the Create Username button. Your identity and Channel URL will be updated to reflect your new username.


Questions? Leave them in the comments below.


Audio is 50% of the video. If you get the audio part right, your video will succeed even if you do not make a perfect video. However if your video is awesome but if your audio is not clear, people will not benefit from your video. In a video, the priority is always in the order of quality of content, audio quality and then the visuals.

In professional recording studios they have anechoic chambers. It is a sound proof chamber which will prevent noise from outside and will also prevent reflection of noise inside the chamber. Such chambers eliminate 99.9% if external noise and usually costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to build.

However I will show you a way with which you can build your own anechoic chamber at home for a fraction of the cost. This will not eliminate 99.9% of the noise but will be effective in eliminating at least 90% of the outside noise.

All you need to do is buy an acoustic foam from and stick the foam on 5 sides of a cardboard box. You have to stick the foam on the inside of the box. Place the microphone inside it and start recording. Instead of having sound and echo proofing in 6 sides (4 sides + top and bottom) you will have only 5 sides. You will record from the open side of the box. [click to continue…]

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If you want to get more views to your YouTube videos or get more subscribers and comments there are some services which can automate or semi-automate the human tasks. You can invest on these tools or services and focus on other important tasks in your business.


TubeToolbox is safe to use and will not get your account banned. It does not inflate views or post artificial comments. In a nutshell what it does is that it logs in into your YouTube account with a software running on your computer and it sends out friend requests to a lot of people in your niche and subscribes to their channels. This way you will get a lot of visitors back to your channel and they will watch and comment on your videos. Ultimately your video rankings will go up in the YouTube SERPs and you can get more traffic from your videos.

This is a service which will help gain more views to your YouTube videos. There are real viewers but they may not actually view your video. According to YouTube they will be considered real. Gaining more views to your video will help you in rankings. What this service does is that it runs other people’s video on your computer and your videos will run on their computers. So it is basically a views exchange program. [click to continue…]

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I have noticed many marketers who do not optimize their YouTube channel properly. They do all the optimization for their videos but they leave out their channel in default mode. You have to understand that the channel is like the home page of the website and has more capability to appear on the Search Results both in and YouTube internal search. I have to admit that even I have been lazy and it took me a long time to get around to optimize my channel. Here’s my channel before optimization…

My Un-optimized Channel

You can see that a lot of stuff is missing here. List of things I can update are…

  1. The title of the channel. I can include something meaningful and keyword rich instead of the default ‘VideoMarketingNET’
  2. Enter a description for the channel
  3. Enter a link in the channel
  4. Change background color for the channel.
  5. Set featured videos style.
  6. Set an image for the profile.

The following quick 1 minute video shows me doing the edits… Make sure to watch in 720P! [click to continue…]


Today I want to tell you about something which has the potential to explode your video marketing!

Have you ever done a video in front of the camera, like a talking head video?

If you haven’t appeared on video yet, you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

Today there are so many products and services online that people have a hard time trusting other people. If you appear on a video people can trust you easily than others. You may have heard that more than 70% of human communication is done through body language (or lets say face language – like face expression, eye movements etc).

People can tell you if you are truthful or lying by looking at your body language while you are talking to them in person or the closest alternative – video. And the most amazing thing is – this process is done in the subconscious mind and not consciously or logically.

Video with talking head is a double edged sword! If you are doing something sneaky in your marketing such as promising something not typical or downright lying – then a video will damage your marketing.

But hey! We are the good guys, why do we need to be afraid of the video?

The Biggest Problem with Creating Talking Head Videos

If you have ever tried talking in front of the camera you would know that it doesn’t come that easy! Many people just do it but it just doesn’t work for us. You probably never tried it or you tried it a few times and convinced your mind that you don’t need to appear on a camera to succeed online. [click to continue…]


If you have a YouTube video which gets considerable amount of views everyday, then you can improve your CTR with this method. In a YouTube video – usually we are allowed to include links only to other YouTube videos or links to Channel or subscribe page. This is usually done using the annotation feature.

But this method will allow you to add external links inside the video! Usually we get traffic from YouTube videos through the link in the description and as we all video marketers know, the CTR is very low in that case. To quench your curiosity, let me show you how it looks…

In the above picture you can see an overlay in my YouTube video. This is called a ‘Call-to-Action’ overlay. You can also add a thumbnail image in this overlay which would be more effective. When a user clicks on this overlay he or she will be redirected to the URL of your choice. [click to continue…]