When it comes to hosting media files on your website, the most obvious choice is Amazon S3. However, when you choose S3 to host your videos, it can be tricky to play the video on your website, to do so you need your own media players etc.

This service, EZS3, combines Amazon S3 with media players so that you’re able to play those videos on your website. If you go to EZS3.com you will find that the cost of this service is $20 per month. Also, to be able to sign up for EZS3 you need to have an Amazon S3 account. Amazon S3 uses a pay as you go system so there is no fixed monthly fee.

When you log into your EZS3 account you will be presented with various media player options as shown below…

As an example; let’s pretend that we want to embed an .FLV file on our website. If you click the red ‘Create Quick Player Template’ button (as seen in the picture above), you will then be taken to a new page where you can see all the folders that are available in your Amazon S3 account… [click to continue…]


It’s not long ago since videos were first started to be published online, but already, people are adapting to how much everything has changed. If you browse the Internet today, videos are everywhere.

The bandwidth has increased and many webmasters are considering putting up videos online. Since publishing videos on the Internet has recently started, many people are confused about what format they should use for videos online. They’re also confused about what resolution that they should put on their websites where they publish their videos.

Answer: The resolution that has to be used depends on the target audience. If the target audience is very tech savvy and if they’re from a highly developed country, then high resolution videos will be well suited for them.

If the target audience does not have high bandwidth however, the videos should be in a low resolution. In either case however, it’s important that you always create videos in the highest possible resolution. Doing so keeps us prepared for the future because if the bandwidth standard increases, we can create higher quality copies of our original video.

The takeaway lesson here is the following: Create the original video in the highest possible resolution and then encode the video for the target audience. For example; if you’re putting your video on your website you can encode the video with the target audience of your website in mind, however, when you put the same video on a DVD that you plan to distribute you can encode the video at a higher resolution. [click to continue…]


Both the Flip and the Zi8 are great cameras. They’re very similar in many ways but both of them also out-do each other at a few different things. Since they both got their strengths and weaknesses, making your choice between the two of them depends on what you want to do. Both these cameras are suited for quick, short internet videos and not for three hour long videos.

Video Quality

When it comes to the video quality both perform very similar. The Flip Ultra HD records in 720p which is enough for the Internet (720p is HD [High Definition] on YouTube.) The Kodak Zi8 also records in 720p but you can also get the option of going up to 1080p, an option that you don’t have with the Flip. So in terms of size the Kodak is better but when you put videos online, the quality would be pretty much the same. [click to continue…]


I have created tons of screencast videos over the past few years for marketing affiliate products, marketing my own info products and to create training videos. Here are the top 7 tips for making the screencasts much better and professional…

1. Prepare Your PC

The Software required to record screencast videos require a quite high PC power so it’s always a good idea to restart your computer before you start the software and start recording. When you restart your computer the videos always turn out better.

It’s also good to close as many background apps as possible, background apps such as; backup software, synchronization services and instant messengers. Turning off system audio is also a good idea because notification sounds can appear when you have a new email etc. and that may distract you.

2. Have a Professional Background Image

If you’re doing something on your desktop while recording such as opening folders, opening new applications etc. it’s a good idea to havea desktop wallpaper in the background that looks great for your background. You may not want a background that is too cluttered and distracting etc.

Instead, you can have a clean and good looking desktop wallpaper and/or even make sure that your logo if you have one is visible on there somewhere. Doing this keeps it professional. [click to continue…]


If you have a bunch of PowerPoint slides that you want to display, it’s a good idea to turn these slides into a video because most people would much rather watch a video than having to click through PowerPoint slides. If you create a video you also have the option of adding a voice-over to give further explanation and information to the viewers.

When you have created your PowerPoint slides and when you are satisfied with them, there are many software tools that you can use to display all the slides in a video. I’ve tried a lot of different software tools and methods and I have been most satisfied with a software tool named Moyea PPT to Video Converter. I’ve found that the videos has simply turned out the best when I’ve used Moyea PPT to Video Converter so I do recommend that you use that one, but if you for some reason don’t like this software, check out others by simple doing a search-engine search and you will find more software tools like this one.

I’ve used Moyea PPT to Video Converter both for creating videos consisting of professional PowerPoint slides and information products for my business. Moyea PPT to Video Converter will cost you $40 which I think you will find is a very good and low price for this software tool. I see it as a very good investment.

A great thing about Moyea PPT to Video Converter is that it’s very easy to use and you will probably learn how to use it in no time. To get started in creating a video, you can just simply click the big ‘Add’ button to add a slide to your video. [click to continue…]


In this article I will explain to you how you can get more search engine traffic to your WordPress blog by using Video Sitemaps. Also, you can actually get video results in the search engine by hosting the videos on your own server and by submitting the Video Sitemap to Google. This is something that I do and as a result, the amount of traffic to my blog has increased substantially.

Back in 2007, Google introduced us to something called ‘Google Universal Search’. What this changed was that no longer would just text content show up whenever you performed a search using Google but now it would also show videos and images in the search results. Before, if you wanted to search for an image you had to click the ‘images’ button but now however, Google includes everything in the main search result which means that videos will be receiving more traffic.

As you may know, Google uses “spiders” to “crawl” websites to find any new content that may have been added. However, Google recommends that website owners should use XML sitemaps to inform Google of any new content on their website. These sitemaps are usually submitted through the Google Webmaster Tools (if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can get one and then you will be able to sign up and use Google Webmaster Tools.) [click to continue…]


Ever since watching and putting videos online started to become popular, a lot of online video distribution services have emerged. Among those video distribution services, Hey!Spread is my favourite because they only charge you based on how much you use their service, in other words you could say that they use a pay as you go system while most other online video distribution services charges you a set monthly fee.

Even though YouTube is the biggest online video sharing website it’s important to share your videos on other online video sharing websites because of the SEO benefit. Sharing your videos on more than just one website improves the chances of your video appearing in the search engines.

Let me go over the features of Hey!Spread. The interface of Hey!Spread is very simple, it’s not cluttered and it’s easy to find your way around. It’s one of the reasons why I like Hey!Spread so much.

The Interface on Hey!Spread

The Interface on Hey!Spread

After you have created your account the first thing that you have to do is buy some credits in order to be able to begin distributing videos. There are two payment options, pre-paid and post-paid. I prefer the pre-paid option, by picking the pre-paid option you have to buy credits for a minimum of $10; each credit costs you $0.05 so by paying $10 you get 200 credits. [click to continue…]