Publishers using real-time data can help their bottom line, here’s how

Advertisers are keenly aware of the power of personalization. Personalized digital ads deliver up to 3x the consumer engagement of non-personalized ads. Some 69 percent of marketers say personalization is their top priority.

But just as marketers can craft messaging for one-to-one communications, publishers can customize their content to win over new readers and keep them there. Doing so requires access to real-time data. A Forrester Research report found that 67 percent of publishers believed real-time data was important to their efforts, but only 27 percent of publishers said they received such data.

To illustrate how it works, look at how publishers acquire new readers. A reader might stumble on an interesting headline on Twitter and then realize that they like The Economist. After some consideration, they might even want to become a subscriber.

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