Rethinking progressive profiling to find out what’s happening with your customers now

Three years ago – remember three years ago? When life was normal, and we could eat, shop and travel, and I had logged 130,000 work miles in the air and now I haven’t left home in three months …. 

Where was I? Oh, yes. Three years ago, I wrote about progressive profiling and how critical it is to any brand’s ability to react instantly or send messages to customers based on self-disclosed information.

That data has a short lifespan, but it still gives us the opportunity to ask authenticity-based questions of our subscribers and customers that relate to the present time. And, especially these days, progressive profiling can help you message effectively during a crisis.

(Read “Progressive profiling: Why it’s a win for you and your customers” for background information about progressive profiling and how to build a successful program.

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