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by Michael

Video Marketing is one of the most important online marketing trends in the last couple of years and its easy to see why. Multiple studies have shown that people are more likely to stay on a web page with video, remember video for longer than they remember text and increases revenue. Video seems to be a no brainer, right?

However, that is all relevant to people who have seen your video and are now interested in your product. Making a quality video after all isn’t cheap and while it can be worthwhile, that is only if people see your video. The real question is how can you get people to see your video in the 1 st place?

The 1st answer people give is “Put it on YouTube”. After all, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet (behind Google), has millions of unique users visiting their site every day and is tailor made for video. The problem is that you are not the only one to come to that conclusion. Every minute on YouTube over 60 hours of video are loaded onto their cloud making it very hard to get found within the clutter. Indeed, over 50% of YouTube videos have less than 100 views.

This question is what led to the founding of the company StartCut.com. They allow video creators to take their video and in one click load it onto 20 worldwide networks in one click. This allows you to reach many sites with far less video on them and makes it easier to be found among the video clutter (their platform also loads your Video to YouTube).

Secondly, it helps promote your video via Video SEO. Someone who does a search using the keywords you have used in your video’s metadata is more likely to see your video show up. This is because you have taken the metadata you have for your video and multiplied it by 20. In addition, Google is more likely to show you a website in the country you are in because of Geo-Targeting. In other words, because Startcut puts you on sites in France, China, Russia, Holland and more, you are more likely to be seen by people searching in those countries.

In conclusion, video marketing is one of the most important ways to market your company, get traffic for your site, acquire leads and make sake sale but creating a great video is only half the battle. Try the service at StartCut.com for free today!

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Videomarketing Nederland January 3, 2013 at 8:09 pm

Hi Deepak, thanks for this suggestion. I still think though that the pricing ain’t right for these packages. The free version is very dinky with only 3 video’s you can upload and the monthly options are pricy. However, thanks for giving the possibility to check it out! And good to see you joined the video forum on the Warrior Forum. Talk to you there!


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