Video Converts Online Window Shoppers into Buyers

by Michael

Video marketing is now being recognized as a sales tool because studies have shown that the presence of a video improves conversion time and time again across various verticals. When watching a video, viewers get ‘hooked’ which results in more time spent on the site and hence more connection and trust is built in the process.

A recent post from states:

In this growing retail category, video has emerged as a promising platform for apparel marketers looking to build online shopper confidence. Online video adds an element of “touch and feel,” helping mitigate shoppers’ fears that once their purchase is delivered, it may not be what they had in mind.

This is not just in the apparel industry but across all the industries.

Online video technology company Invodo found that more than half of internet users surveyed believed that online product videos helped increase confidence in their purchase.

Sales Videos are Effective but User generated videos are even more effective.

Consumer-generated video content even more than marketer-produced video. The study indicated that 36% of US online shoppers watched a “customer testimonial/review” video while shopping for apparel within the last six months.

So make sure you add videos to the mix. Not just marketing videos but testimonial videos from your customers as well.

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