How To Do Video Marketing Like Obama! (Hint: by Using Teleprompters)

by Michael

Today I want to tell you about something which has the potential to explode your video marketing!

Have you ever done a video in front of the camera, like a talking head video?

If you haven’t appeared on video yet, you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

Today there are so many products and services online that people have a hard time trusting other people. If you appear on a video people can trust you easily than others. You may have heard that more than 70% of human communication is done through body language (or lets say face language – like face expression, eye movements etc).

People can tell you if you are truthful or lying by looking at your body language while you are talking to them in person or the closest alternative – video. And the most amazing thing is – this process is done in the subconscious mind and not consciously or logically.

Video with talking head is a double edged sword! If you are doing something sneaky in your marketing such as promising something not typical or downright lying – then a video will damage your marketing.

But hey! We are the good guys, why do we need to be afraid of the video?

The Biggest Problem with Creating Talking Head Videos

If you have ever tried talking in front of the camera you would know that it doesn’t come that easy! Many people just do it but it just doesn’t work for us. You probably never tried it or you tried it a few times and convinced your mind that you don’t need to appear on a camera to succeed online.

But you and I both know that video can be more effective in selling and all the top internet marketers appear on a video to sell their stuff.

Salesmanship requires us to present ourselves.

This may be a little harsh but a necessary one…

Image Credit: V for Vendetta

Not appearing on a web video and trying to sell is like being a door to door sales man with a mask on!


Not appearing on a web video and trying to sell is like being a door to door sales man with a mask on!

Well, that’s harsh for me too because I haven’t sold something yet on a talking head video!

Now you may think, “How dare you advice me to appear on a video without you doing it yourself!”.

Well, we are on the same boat. We never experienced a big exponential growth in our sales of products and services and we have never presented ourself to our audience. No matter what the sales numbers are, we can do much better by adding video to the entire mix.

We both believe that we can do better with video but there is a glass ceiling which is preventing us from going to the next level.

We can see there is a next level up but something is stopping us.

A tool used by Obama for Video Marketing

If you see the president delivering wonderful speeches, you may have assumed that the president is a wonderful impromptu speaker. But his secret is just a teleprompter! You see a glass in front of him tilted at 45 degrees right. This piece of glass is transparent from our side but reflective on his side. What does it reflect? You guessed it! A screen with scrolling text on the table.


Easy! He just reads out the scrolling text and we are impressed!

Well! We can also create a video with teleprompters and now it is not that costly.

If we need not memorize the speech or speak spontaneously we will be more likely to create videos with our faces than hiding behind a presentation slide or screencast video.

But you may ask, “Hey Deepak, but appearing on a video every time is not practically possible.” And I would say “Don’t worry dear, you need not do every video like this. If you appear on a video a few times, then even your email communication would be more powerful than ever before because you have imprinted your personality on your follower’s mind and he will think about your face when he reads your email.”

When I found out that all the big marketers are doing exactly the same, I felt like I have unlocked a secret to their success. They don’t appear on video every time, but their email communication is so much more powerful than the person who has never appeared on video.

How a Teleprompter Works

What you see in Obama’s setup is not the kind of setup we will be using. He uses it for public speeches. We are going to use it for just video shooting. Our teleprompter will look something like this…

Credit: Wikipedia

The scrolling text on the screen would be reflected on the mirror for you to see and read it out. This screen can be a monitor or more popularly an iPad! Behind the glass you have the camera recording you. There are a lot of applications in the app store for teleprompters which will just scroll your script at your desired speed. I will be doing a teleprompter app review separately in an another post.

You may wonder, is it possible to do a similar video if the screen with scrolling text is placed on the side of the camera or below the camera? Yes, but the video will not be that good because you will not be looking right in the camera’s lens and eventually not on the viewer’s eye. Imagine being a door to door sales man and talking to the wall on your side rather than looking into the eye of the prospective customer! SALE FAIL!

The glass used for reflection is called a beam splitter glass and it allows the light to pass through to the camera (marked by red line above) but reflects the light from the screen (blue line).

Get Your Own Teleprompter

Professional teleprompters cost around $1000 or more. Semi professional teleprompters cost around $500-$600. There are some cheap ones at $100 range as well. You can build your own teleprompter at home with or without teleprompter glass.

$100 Teleprompter (Buy)

Professional Teleprompters


Affordable and Functional

Building Your Own Teleprompter at Home

As you may have already noticed, most of the teleprompters have gone the iPad way. Old school teleprompters used to have a separate monitor for the scrolling text and the monitor would be connected to a PC which had the software to run the display. iPad has made our life much easier in so many way in which this is also one.

I have ordered the $110 Teleprompter and I will be getting it within a week or two. I am in India so it takes a little longer for amazon to deliver it here. I would be paying extra shipping fees and custom duty on it so it would come to $200 for me. But I have no options because there aren’t teleprompters sold in India. Not that I know of.

I will do a complete review of iPad2 Teleprompter R810-8 soon. So stay tuned!

Got questions? Wanna say something! Awaiting your response :)

Deepak Raj

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Mario Bruneau May 21, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Great article Deepak.

You did not mention Bodelin See Eye To Eye.

Get it at Amazon

Very good and affordable gadget that can be used with your PC monitor and your camera with a tripod stand.


Michael May 21, 2012 at 2:34 pm

I stumbled upon that too but I don’t think it can be used for making professional videos. I prefer a real video camera or an SLR camera with a good video shooting capability. Webcams are a big no! :)


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