How to Create Videos That Convert Views into Customers

by Michael

One of the few problems with video marketing is that people base its success on the number of views. For example, many marketers will only consider a video successful if it brought in 10,000 views.


While views are important because this increases the likelihood that people will come to your website, they don’t mean anything if you can’t convert them. Some of the most viral videos have barely increased a company’s profit margin, so you need to ensure that your videos are actually converting if you want those views to count.

Making Engaging Content

One of the top things that you need to do to convert people is to make engaging content. If your content is boring, stale or it doesn’t deliver, then people will lose interest within a few seconds. This doesn’t mean that you need to make exciting videos, because these videos aren’t always appropriate. For example, if you are using video marketing to advertise your B2B manufacturing plant, then exciting content probably won’t convert your visitors.

Just create videos that your customers will appreciate. Give them something that they can understand, agree with and appreciate. Make sure you engage them, or they won’t be willing to follow the next step.

Call to Action

If you have done any other type of marketing, then you know that the call to action is perhaps the single-most important section of your marketing. The call the action tells the viewer that he or she has to do something, and it tells them where to go. It takes all of their emotion, curiosity and interest and tells them where they can go to experience more.

Adding a call to action is incredibly simple with video marketing. If you are using YouTube, then you can add an annotation that points to your website. You can also add your URL in the video’s description, or you can tell people where to go. For example, mention your website and then show a flat screen that only displays your URL.

It has been proven that videos without a call to action will not convert nearly as well as those with a call to action.

Track and Change

Many people are scared or obstinate about changing their video. They don’t want to do it because it requires a lot of effort, and it’s perfect just the way it is. To see how good your video marketing is really doing, you need to track the video’s performance.

All of your videos should convert at least 10% of your viewers. If they don’t, then see what is holding the video back. Read the comments and take a fresh look at the video to see what should be changed for the best effect.


Views are important with video marketing, but they don’t mean a thing if you can’t convert those views into sales. If 10% of your views aren’t coming to your website, then your video isn’t performing correctly. Just make sure that the video is engaging, that it has a clear call to action and don’t be afraid to change it if the video is under-performing.

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