13 Things You Should Do When Filming Remote Interviews

July 24, 2020·10 min read

You can’t always be where the person you want to interview is. What then? Enter online video interviews. These tips will help you make a good one.

An interview with a compelling person is nearly always an entertaining thing to watch (it is, after all, the premise that many a late night or daytime talk show is built on).

But what happens when it’s not feasible to be in the same physical space as your interviewee? Whether that’s due to cost concerns, scheduling issues, time restraints, or even travel restrictions and social distancing orders, it means you need to get creative to get the footage you need to make your video.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Why Record Interviews Online?
  3. 1.1Saving Money
  4. 1.2Saving Time
  5. 1.

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