Is there a right way to buy marketing technology? (Short answer: Yes!)

In twenty years as an industry analyst evaluating martech vendor platforms, I’ve witnessed hundreds of enterprises try to make good technology purchase decisions. All too often they get it wrong.

You can’t blame those decision-makers. Marketers in particular face intense time pressures and can’t readily find good templates for doing this right.  Stress around making a poor choice sometimes leads to ill-advised short-cuts or paralyzing over-analysis.

The wrong way

 Here’s a short list of some of the wrong approaches we see regularly from our perch at Real Story Group:

  • Love at first sight – Marketing leader sees a demo and believes it will solve all their problems. These sorts of relationships almost never last.
  • It worked for Cousin Vinnie – Some other firms in your industry licensed Vendor X, so you should too. This ignores potentially decisive differentiators between your organizations.

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