Report: Cost to drive store visits varies widely by category, mobile most efficient channel

Location intelligence provider Cuebiq has released its latest Footfall Attribution Benchmarks report. The report asserts that it costs just over $23 on average for retailers and others to drive “each incremental in-store visit.”

Among the several channels compared, in-app advertising was also found to be the most effective at delivering in-store customers vs. the web and cross-platform ads. In other words, if you had to pick one platform, it would be in-app mobile advertising.

Cuebiq found the following “visit rates” by platform:

  • Web — 3.09 percent
  • In-app — 4.21 percent
  • Cross-platform (web and mobile) — 4.03 percent

Visit rate reflects the percentage of people exposed to the campaign who later went into a store. The company says these values should be used as a benchmark to evaluate campaign performance and were drawn from data across categories in 2017.

The report also discusses visit rate by vertical.

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