Video Marketing Tips And Best Practices 2018

Imagine 500 million people and all of them watching videos on Facebook daily. This is just something that Mark Zuckerberg imagined decades ago, but it is now a reality.

Majority of internet marketers agree that video increases brand awareness because 87% of them now use video content. Social video also gets 1200% more shares that text and images combined.

Video content will set you apart from companies who are not using it yet.

Hubspot recommends that 50% or more of your content in 2018 should be in video format.  

Before you create your video content it would be useful to know 10 video marketing tips and best practices.

Keep It Square

Square videos with a 1:1 aspect ratio is now the king when it comes to views, engagement, and reach especially on mobile. This is mainly due to the 78% more space they occupy in the News Feed on mobile devices.

We can expect more short videos in square and portrait format. There is a 67% chance that people will watch a square video until the end compared to a horizontal video.

Grab Attention In 3 seconds

Our attention span is shorter than ever. Include stunning footage and images in the first 3 seconds of your clip.

Avoid tedious and lengthy introductions. Your goal is to capture the viewer’s attention and keep them watching til the end of your video.

Upload Native Videos

Native videos on Facebook get ten times greater reach versus Youtube links. It would be wise if you will not share Youtube links on Facebook.

If you upload native videos to Facebook, you will get ten times more shares.

Social media experts have been suspecting that Facebook gives priority to videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook than videos shared from another source.

A study confirms this suspicion with Facebook native videos getting 110% more interactions and 478% more shares.

Videos Should Work Without Sound

Most people have their Facebook players set to mute on autoplay which is why 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

This means that your video should be able to convey your message even without audio. Using text will make sure your message comes across even when viewers can’t hear your audio.

There are viral videos that have been watched 2 million times even without sound.

Include CTAs

Some online tools allow you to add CTAs on your video. Once you get the attention of your viewer, you must lead them to the next step that you want them to take.

Having no call to action will leave your audience hanging and may cause them to leave your video for another one.

Focus On Branding

The goal for your Facebook videos should be to generate more brand awareness.

Facebook is a great platform to tell our story and reaching out to your target audience.

Engagement and direct responses are soon to follow.


Videos should appeal to emotions and entertain viewers. This type of content should push viewers to share your video with their friends.

Humor and heartwarming stories are some of the most shareable videos on social media.

Use Youtube

Facebook videos may have a 40% higher engagement rate compared to Youtube, but Youtube videos can be shared on other social media platforms. This gives you more exposure and reach online.

Short Or Long Content

There is still debate on how long your content should be. On Facebook 90 seconds is ideal. However, videos that are longer than 90 seconds get 78.8% more shares and 74.6% more views.

Facebook is now testing ad breaks in the middle of the video and pre-roll ads that are 5 to 15 seconds long.

We also take into consideration the virtual reality plans of Facebook and the development of its “Watch” video platform.

Go Live

Live video streaming is becoming popular, and it should be considered as a part of your video marketing.

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