Video Marketing Tips For Beginners

As a newbie in video marketing, you are excited to start and come up with video content for your website. We share with you video marketing tips on how to create video content.

Creating video content can be intimidating to some people especially if you are new to the video industry.

No need to worry because almost all video creations are on equal footing once they are finished. You don’t know if they will click with your audience or not.

The key here is just doing it and finish your video content. You can always make improvements once you finished.

It is rare to come up with a perfect video when you are just starting with your first one.

Creating your video will help you get useful data like feedback. When you get the needed feedback, you can improve the quality of your content.

You don’t need expensive equipment to start filming your first video. You can start by simply reaching into your pocket. If you find a smartphone there, then it’s all that you need for now to start shooting.

It might not be perfect, but smartphones can give you high-quality videos.

Once you finish your video, the next thing to consider is optimizing your videos for search.  

You are missing out on free exposure if you fail to do SEO.

If you are familiar with doing SEO for your blog articles, your video needs the same treatment. Titles and keywords will help your video rank on sites like Youtube.

Youtube is a search engine, and Google owns it. We can, therefore, expect them to have the same ranking signals and guidelines.

You should avoid keyword stuffing in your video titles, use descriptions that can explain your video in connection with keywords.

In the past, celebrity endorsers could only be paid by the wealthiest companies and most prominent brands.

The internet has leveled the playing field today.

There are what we call microcelebrities on the internet. They are known as online influencers who have a large and loyal following.

These influencers can be very useful in teaching you what kind of content you can create plus give you the bonus of your brand being shared with millions of their followers.

Teaming up with influencers should be done carefully. You should choose them wisely; they should match what your brand represents. For example, you sell products that are targeted for kids, don’t reach out to an influencer who is known for adult content.

Facebook is a platform where 500 million users watch videos daily. You should target this massive market by posting Facebook ads.

Using Facebook can help target users based on metrics like age, gender, location, interest and a whole lot more.

Facebook ads can also provide you with potential reach data based on your target audience.

Customize ads for maximum relevancy; if you have a video for retirees and another video for fresh graduates, then Facebook ads can help you target specifically and not waste your post on an irrelevant audience.

Don’t limit yourself to posting on Facebook alone; you can invest in other platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Even try to find press release distribution services to post your content. These platforms also offer ad packages for your video content.

Try out all the platforms and check the data on where you are getting the best results. Stick with those platforms that give you the most exposure.   

Video marketing is not easy but choosing not to do it will leave you out from targeting a vast market.

Start by making your videos and improve them once you get feedback. Take advantage of the social media platforms that can give you the best exposure and invest in them.

Continue to improve your content as you go along and get rid of mistakes that you make based on data and feedback.

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